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Lots of Rebetiko songs refer to "arghile mou". What they mean is the water pipe (or narghile in other languages) that they used to smoke hashish. You will also hear "o loulas" mentioned. This refers to the ceramic bowl at the top of the narghile. The hashish would often be smoked in combination with a dark tobacco from Turkey, called "Toubekaki", which is mentioned in a song by Markos Vamvakaris.

A nice arghile, never used.
This is our arghile.

A very good book to look at, if you are especially interested in the many songs about hashish that have been written, is Suzanne Aulin and Peter Vejleskov's "Hasiklidika Rembetika". It is written in Greek.

Cover of 'Hasiklidika Rembetika' by Suzanne Aulin and Peter Vejleskov.
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I am not going to discuss the pros and cons of the use of hashish on this site as there are plenty of sites already with that subject. I do not advise anyone to do anything that is illegal in their country. My opinions are just opinions. I am the Walrus....

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