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Original recordings

The original recordings were, of course, good old 78rpm records. These are fragile, rare and expensive. Most modern record players don't even have a 78rpm speed setting anyway. Fortunately, some of the greatest collections of the old Rebetiko 78s have been cleaned up and issued on CDs.

LP compilations made from 78s, and original LPs of later period players are also available. They can often be found on eBay (more often than 78s, although these also appear) and sell for reasonable prices.

CD recordings

There are an enormous number of Rebetiko CDs in existence. Many of these have been made from collections of 78s. The quality of the transfer and cleaning up of the sound can vary enormously. The ones listed below are not a definitive collection, by any means. They are just some of the ones I have had time to write about...

CDs of old Rebetiko

Constantinople in old recordings Funf Griechen in der Hölle Greek-Oriental Rebetika 1911-1937 Markos Vamvakaris I Markos Vamvakaris IV Markos Vamvakaris V
Mortika - Rare vintage recordings from a Greek underworld Mourmourika My Only Consolation Nargileh Songs Rembetika - Songs of the Greek Underground 1925-1947 Rembetika - Greek Music from the Underground
The Rebetiko Song in America Vol 1 1920 - 1940 The Rebetiko Song in America Vol 2 1945 - 1960 The Rebetiko Song in America Vol 3 1945 - 1960 The Greek Archives Vol 4 Memory of Smyrna The Greek Archives Vol 5 Songs of the Underground The 100 most beautiful Rempetika

CDs of more recent Rebetiko

Architects of Narghile The Diaspora of Rembetiko Dromos Dinner in Polidroso The Sound Of Our Soul Viva Zambetas

Other CDs I happen to like

Hassle the Caller - Hank Bradley

CDs I should probably warn you about

Hava Narghile Spaced Out by Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner