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Timeline of Rebetiko

1880Before the dawn of time itself.
1880Approximate date Kostas Karipis born in Constantinople.
1883 Roza Eskenazi was born in Constantinople.
1883 Dimitris Semsis (Salonikios) born to Greek parents in Stromnitsa.
1884Giorgos Vidalis was born in Smyrna.
1885Wikipedia says Giorgos Batis born now, not 1890.
1885 Panagiotis Toundas was born in Smyrna, or 1886.
1885Maria Panagia born.
1886 Giannis Dragatsis (Ogdontakis) was born in Smyrna.
1890 Giorgos Batis born in Methana.
1890 Marika Papagika born on Kos on 1 September.
1891Approx date of birth of Agapios Tomboulis in Constantinople of Armenian parents.
1892Kostas Nouros born in Smyrna.
1892 Antonis Diamantidis, known as ‘Dalgas’ (Turkish for Wave) born in Constantinople.
1893Wikipedia date for birth of Iovan Tsaous.
1893 Dimitris Semsis learns to play the violin at ten.
1895 Evangelis Papazoglou born in Smyrna.
1896 Iovan Tsaous born near Konya, Turkey.
1896 Zacharias Kasimatis was born in Smyrna.
1896According to Dick Spottswood's Ethnic Music on Records, the first greek musical phonograph recording was produced in New York in May, 1896, on the Berliner label. Entitled "Greek Melody No. 1 - Original", it was one of eight songs (seven Greek, one Turkish) recorded by tenor Michali Arachtingi (or Arachintzis).
1897Wikipedia says Evangelis Papazoglou was born.
1898 Yiannis Halikias born in Longastra near Sparta Jan 8th.
1899 Stellakis Perpiniadis born on Tinos.
1899Approximate date Panagiotis Toundas joined "The Politakia", Smyrnaic ensemble run by Sideras.
1900 Spiros Peristeris born in Smyrna.
1900Zacharias Kasimatis born in Smyrna.
1900 Stellakis Perpiniadis and family move to Alexandria.
1901 Apostolos Xatzikhristos born in Smyrna.
1902 Stratos Payoumtzis born in Aivali, Asia Minor.
1903 Dimitris Gogos (Bagianteras) was born in Pireas.
1903 Kostas Roukounas born at Karlovasi on Samos. Or 1904?
1904 Iovan Tsaous said to have performed with singing star Hafis Burhan Sesiylmaz for Sultan Hamit.
1905 Markos Vamvakaris was born on Syros, at Ano Hora, on May 10th.
1905Konstandinos Bezos was born.
1905The first song chararacterized as "rebetiko" is recorded in Constantinople: "Tik-Tak" with Gianakos Psamathianos.
1906 Stellakis Perpiniadis and family move to Constantinople.
1907Frangiskos Zouridhakis born in Athens.
1907 Nikos Mathesis born in Salamina.
1908 Stelios Keromitis was born.
1909Giorgos Kavouras born on Kastelorizo.
1911 Giorgia Mitaki born in Avlona.
1912 Anestis Delias born in Smyrna.
1913 Yiannis Papaioannou born in what became Turkey.
1914 Rita Abatzi born in Smyrna.
1915Vassilis Tsitsanis was born on January 18, 1915 in Trikala, Greece, the son of an Epiriot shoemaker.
1915 Marika Papagika moves to USA.
1916Stelios Chrisinis born in Pireas.
1917 Markos Vamvakaris runs away to Pireas.
1917Mikhalis Genitsaris born in Pireas.
1918 Stratos Payoumtzis moved to Greece.
1918Stella Haskil born in Thessaloniki.
1918Sofia Karivali born in Smyrna.
1918Marika Ninou born in the Caucasus.
1919 Stellakis Perpiniadis joins the army, and goes to Smyrna.
1920Birth of Manolis Hiotis in Thessaloniki.
1920 Dimitris Semsis working in Smyrna.
1921Sotiria Bellou born in Halkida.
1921Kostas Kaplanis born on Hios.
1922The Catastrophe.
1922Apostolos Kaldaras born in Trikala.
1922 Stellakis Perpiniadis leaves Smyrna as a refugee.
1922 Dimitris Semsis leaves Smyrna as a refugee.
1922 Agapios Tomboulis leaves Smyrna as a refugee.
1922 Antonis Diamantidis moved from Constantinople to Athens.
1922Or 1923. Iovan Tsaous migrated to Pireas and worked as a tailor, refusing to become a full time musician because he "didn't want to play for whores."
1923Treaty of Lausanne and population exchanges between Greece and Turkey.
1923 Panagiotis Toundas moves to Nea Smyrni, Athens.
1923 Giannis Dragatsis (Ogdontakis) released by Turks, and goes to Greece.
1923 Dimitris Semsis married Dimitra Kanoula.
1923 Zacharias Kasimatis arrived in Greece.
1923 Kostas Karipis played in a company which included Kostas Tsavenou, Mitsos Arapakis, Spiros Peristeris and Antonis Diamantidis (Dalgas) at the best tavernas until the early 1930s.
1924 Panagiotis Toundas becomes director of Odeon recording company. His first composition, "Smyrnia", was recorded by Misailidi in this year.
1924 Giorgos Mitsakis born in Istanbul.
1925The first recording in Greece of a band containing a bouzouki, according to "Rebetiki anthology" by T. Skorelis.
1925Manolis Margaronis buys Stellakis Perpiniadis his first guitar, and teaches him to play and sing.
1925 Markos Vamvakaris heard "Old Nikos" from Aivali play bouzouki. Six months later he was playing at a teke when Old Nikos stopped by, and couldn't believe it was the same kid who'd never even played a few months earlier. Nikos said they'd show Markos something in the morning and he'd come back and play it better than them in the evening.
1926Loukas Ntaralas born.
1927 Vassilis Tsitsanis starts to learn to play the mandolin. While at the local high school he also learned violin and received lessons from Mr. Giosa, the Italian music teacher.
1927 Kostas Roukounas begins singing at Pansamiakon Taverna in Neo Karlovasi, Samos.
1928 Kostas Roukounas moves to the mainland.
1929 Manolis Karapiperis the mystery bouzouki player from Patmos, made recordings, then vanished.
1929Possibly earlier? Dimitris Semsis was recording director at HMV and Columbia, a role of great influence that he retained throughout the 1930s - 1940s.
1929 Panagiotis Toundas finds Roza Eskenazi singing in Tsitsifies and starts her recording career.
1929 Roza Eskenazi makes her first recording.
1929 Stellakis Perpiniadis met Panagiotis Toundas and recorded some music.
1930 Giannis Dragatsis is recording director of Columbia for the next ten years.
1930 Nikos Mathesis begins to write songs, his first was "Mes' stou Nikita tou teke" written with Giorgos Papasideris
1930 Panagiotis Toundas hears of Kostas Roukounas and gets him into his studios to record.
1932 Yiannis Halikias (Jack Gregory) records Minore Tou Teke in America.
1931Stelios Kazantzidis, was born in Nea Ionia in August.
1931 Panagiotis Toundas becomes director of the Columbia recording company.
1932 Marika Franceskopoulou records "Gi'afto Foumaro Kokaini" in Athens in October.
1932The first two recordings of Markos Vamvakaris songs in Greece made in November for Columbia but not released until later. He carried on working at the Athens slaughter-house.
1933The first Greek rebetiko recording with bouzouki, was made in 1933 by Giorgos Batis (at Lampropoulos' Columbia), but the record went to market 6 months later in 1934. Thus "Narxosouna re magka mou" by Markos Vamvakaris, with Spiros Peristeris supervising and on guitar, was the first rebetiko record with bouzouki in circulation (on the second side there was a solo). (Sources: "Rebetiko Anthology" by T. Skorelis, "Ntobra kai starata" by Yiannis Papaioannou, Autobiography of Stellakis Perpiniadis).
1933 Stratos Payoumtzis starts making recordings.
1934The first compania of bouzoukia named "The famous(or legendary) TETRAS of Piraeus", appeared in Sarantopoulo's taverna, in Pireas, in April . This was Markos Vamvakaris, Anestis Delias, Giorgos Batis and Stratos Payoumtzis.
1934 Stelios Keromitis begins to perform in Pireas.
1934 Panagiotis Toundas starts to use bouzouki and baglama in his studio's recordings.
1934 Kostas Roukounas married Anna Politissa and started working in Mitsou tou Mourosis, where he worked until 1941.
1935 Giorgos Mitsakis moves to Volos.
1935 Vassilis Tsitsanis comes to Athens to study law. The singer Dimitris Perdikopoulos introduced him to Spiros Peristeris, recording director at Odeon.
1936The fascist Metaxas siezes power and censorship begins for rebetiko lyrics.
1936Sofia Karivali begins singing career on Crete.
1937Amanadhes and other "Eastern influences" banned by the Metaxas government.
1937 Vassilis Tsitsanis makes his first recording, 'S'ena teke boukarane' with Giorgia Mitaki singing.
1937 Vassilis Tsitsanis recording career took off in late 1937 when he returned to the Odeon studios with Perdikopoulos to record "Olo Ta Echo Varethi."
1937 Giorgos Mitsakis moves to Thessaloniki.
1939 Giorgos Mitsakis moves to Pireas.
1940Sotiria Bellou moved to Athens.
1941 Dimitris Gogos (Bagianteras) went blind.
1942 Iovan Tsaous died (according to Wikipedia).
1942 Panagiotis Toundas died on May 23rd at his home in Nea Smyrna.
1943Giorgos Kavouras killed by Germans.
1943 Marika Papagika died in New York.
1943Konstandinos Bezos died.
1943 Evangelis Papazoglou died of TB in Pireas.
1943Anna Politissa, wife of Kostas Roukounas, died of a heart attack.
1944 Anestis Delias died from an overdose of drugs. According to others he died in 1941 (G. Panagiotakopoulos - Source: "Rebetiki Anthologia" by Tasos Skorelis)
1945 Antonis Diamantidis died in Athens.
1947 Vassilis Tsitsanis records "Synefiasmeni Kyriaki".
1947Stella Haskil records "Nichtose Horis Fengari", which was banned almost immediately.
1947Sotiria Bellou met Vassilis Tsitsanis and recorded the first of her many 78 rpm records with him.
1947 Stelios Keromitis works with Markos Vamvakaris and Vassilis Tsitsanis from now until 1950.
1948Historical Manos Hatzidakis conference about the rebetiko, at the theatre Kentrikon (Carolos Kounadis). Manolis Hadzidakis 1949 Lecture.
1948 Kostas Roukounas married lyricist Alexandra Kiriasi.
1948In October, Stellakis Perpiniadis engaged Marika Ninou to sing with him at the 'Florida' on Leoforos Alexandras.
1950Manos Hatzidakis publishes his piano suite "Six Popular Paintings" (Exi Laikes Zografies) based on rembetiko and traditional songs.
1950 Dimitris Semsis died of cancer in Athens on January 13th.
1951 Kostas Karipis disappears from the music scene.
1952 Kostas Karipis believed to have died.
1954Stella Haskil died in Athens on February 27th.
1955Marika Ninou went to the USA to appear with Kostas Kaplanis.
1956Marika Ninou died of cancer in Athens.
1957 Yiannis Halikias died Sept 15th in NYC New York.
1958 Giannis Dragatsis died.
1958 Kostas Roukounas tours the USA for a year.
1959 Apostolos Xatzikhristos died in Athens.
1965Approx date Agapios Tomboulis died in Athens.
1966Grigoris Asikis died on October 7th.
1966 Spiros Peristeris died in Athens.
1966 Zacharias Kasimatis died in Athens.
1967George Tsoros ( Giorgos Batis) died in Piraeus on March 3rd.
1968January:Ilias Petropoulos "Rembetiko Songs" book is published. It was the first time that the word "rembetiko" appeared on a serious book cover.
1969 Rita Abatzi died in Athens.
1970Stelios Chrisinis died.
1970Manolis Hiotis died.
1971 Stratos Payoumtzis died on stage while working in the USA. A collection had to be taken to ship his body back to Greece.
1972 Markos Vamvakaris died in February.
1972 Yiannis Papaioannou is killed in a car accident on August 3rd.
1975 Nikos Mathesis died on 27 April 1975.
1977Marinos Gavril died on November 19th.
1977 Giorgia Mitaki died in Avlona on February 28th.
1977 Stellakis Perpiniadis died in Haidari.
1977Loukas Ntaralas died.
1979 Stelios Keromitis died.
1980 Roza Eskenazi died on December 2nd and was buried in an unmarked grave at the village of Stomio on the Gulf of Corinth. See biography for update.
1981Agathonas Iakovidis and his orchestra record old unknown songs which become known to the public.
1984 Kostas Roukounas died in March.
1984 Vassilis Tsitsanis died in London at Brompton Hospital on January 18th.
1985 Dimitris Gogos (Bagianteras) died in Athens.
1991Apostolos Kaldaras died in Athens.
1993 Giorgos Mitsakis died in Athens on November 17th.
1994Frangiskos Zouridhakis died.
1995Sofia Karivali died.
1997Sotiria Bellou died in Athens.
2005Michalis Genitsaris died on 11th May.