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Tatavliano (traditional)
Fantasia (imagination)
Mas horisan i thalasses - The seas have kept us apart
Bros sta klista parathira - In front of the closed windows
Pios tha me pliroforisi - Who's going to inform me?
Gia na se anthropo - To make you whole
O ponos me plimirisse - The sorrow came flooding back
Thelo na pinis na glentas - I want you to drink and enjoy yourself
Begleri kai mahairi - Worry beads and knife
Ta ghirisis kapio dili - You will return some afternoon
Giati alaxes, giati - Why have you changed, why?
Stefanos' Zeibekiko
Mesanichta pou na se vro - Where can I find you at midnight?
Valkaninki hora - Balkan music theme

The booklet has notes in Greek, French and English, saying:

It is a strange contrast the fact that nowadays with more bouzouki soloists than ever, the role of the instrument itself is devalued not only in record production but also in major nightclubs. It is certain that this fact would - sooner or later - lead to a reaction from the side of bouzouki soloists, mostly those who have acquired musical education, a wider culture and professional recognition. Moreover, above everything they love the instrument and its unique sound, which has dominated greek music for more than 70 years. An expected and normal reaction to the devaluation of the bouzouki is the decision of the members of "Dromos" ensemble to form their own music group and perform the pieces they love, refusing to waste their talent by serving the needs of the music industry and the ambitions of famous singers.

The young and exceptional musicians of "Dromos", in the recording of their first CD indicate not only the love, the knowledge and their decision to link to our substantial music tradition, but their tendency to contribute to the claim of vital space for the popular song and its continuation.

There is some fine playing on this one. There is also some singing by the band members, one of whom sounds a lot like Apostolos Nikolaides. I can certainly sympathise with the musicians who have to sit and play while the famous singer gets the spotlight and applause. This is good music, well worth buying, though I prefer a more "trichordo" sound.