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CD cover - Hassle the Caller

Hassle the Caller

Hank Bradley

Sage Arts


Hassle the Caller
Chase the Blues
Last Summer's Waltz
Planxty Stewart Mennin
Midnight in the Van
The Recuperation Waltz
Roscoe's Gone
Chase the Squids
Chase the Crickets
Bricks and Mortar
The Dance of the Music Critics
Taximi for Dessert

I met Hank on Hydra in 2003, and he bought me a drink or two. That's how easy it is to get your CD on here.

Besides that, he's a good fiddler and plays lots of other instruments as well. This CD is all Hank, and excellent listening. There is a bouzouki on the last track, too, a very old tetrachordo.

You won't see this in many shops, but it is easy enough to buy on the web.