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Markos Vamvakaris I

Markos Vamvakaris I

Markos Vamvakaris

Minos EMI


1 O Hasapis
2 Sta sidera me valane
3 O Harmanis
4 O Dervisis
5 Plimmyra
6 An eisai magkas
7 Psila ti htizeis ti folia
8 Zito pantou o kaimenos
9 An theleis na me dis gabro
10 Ta dyo sou heria pirane
11 Foras foustani vyssini
12 Soultana mayrofora
13 Siganopapaditsa
14 Af otou egennithika
15 Me planepses boemissa
16 An fygoume ston polemo
17 Maroko
18 Taximi Zeibekiko

This series of discs is the ultimate for the serious Rebetiko fan who is interested in quality conversions of 78rpm records. Put simply, most of these tracks appear to have been taken from brand new 78s, being played for the first time. The usual surface noise that one hears is almost entirely absent, but the original sounds of the recordings are all there. You are not going to find better recordings of Markos Vamvakaris anywhere.

You can still get this from Studio 52, at present (2004). Quite a few of the CDs in this series have gone out of stock already, so we must hope that Minos EMI see what a good idea it would be to make some more.

I am not going to write about any particular track, except to say that the taximia at the end is a superb piece of trichordo bouzouki playing. Everything on this CD is excellent. It comes with a forty page booklet, with Markos's biography, full page notes and lyrics for each track. If it had been in English it would have been perfect, but I will just have to work harder at learning Greek.