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My Only Consolation

My Only Consolation - Classic Pireotic Rembetika 1932 - 1946

Various artists

Rounder Records

Rounder CD 1136

Mrkos VamvakrisKoroidho (Sucker)
Giorgos BatisSou 'chi Lachi (It's just your luck)
Anestis DheliasO Ponos tou Prezakia (The junky's pain)
Stellkis PerpinidhisVlamissa (Tough Chick)
Stratos PagioumtzisLament in the minor
Mrkos VamvakrisO Grousouzis (Jonah - The Jinx)
Stelios KeromitisI Moni Mou Parigoria (My Only Consolation)
Michlis YenntsarisEgo Mangas Fenomouna (It Showed I Was a Mngas)
Mrkos VamvakrisDon't Be Stubborn With Me
Mrkos VamvakrisDown There in Dhrapetsna
Stratos Pagioumtzis & Stelios KeromitisPandara ola ta psila (I Gambled All My Change)
Hadzichristos - StamoulisI Manoula
Mrkos VamvakrisM'Ekapses Tsachpina (You've Wounded Me, My Flirt)
Giorgos BatisBtis the Dervish
Anestis DheliasNikos Trellakias (Crazy Nikos)
Mrkos Vamvakris- Kostas RoukounasZiliara (Jealous Woman)
Mrkos VamvakrisMana me Macherosane (Mother, They've Stabbed Me)
Ioannis PapaioannouServiko Smyrneiko
Ioannis PapaioannouOtan Dho To Dhio Sou Matia (When I See Your Two Eyes)
Giorgos KavourasMia Varkoula Tha Navlosa (I'll Hire Myself a Boat)
A HadzichristosServikos Horos
Stratos Pagioumtzis - Kostas KaplanisO Loulas

Here is a lovely collection, from Rounder Records, who take great care to give good value in their compilations. This comes with a very informative leaflet, in English. There's an introduction, a useful glossary, and each track has excellent notes, telling you who is on it and when it was recorded, as well as the words in transliterated Greek and in English translation. There are some good photographs as well.

As the subtitle says, this is absolutely classic Pireotic Rebetiko. Male singers, bouzouki, baglama, guitar. The subjects are drugs, tuberculosis, love and drugs. Lots of Markos Vamvakaris, some great tracks by Batis and Stratos Pagioumtzis. Soon after these tracks were recorded, the Fascist government imposed censorship, and everything changed. Yet another vital CD...