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Songs of the Underground

Songs of the Underground

Various artists

F M Records

The Greek Archives 631

Ioannis (Jack) Chalkias"Tekes" in Minor
Giorgos VidalisIn the Upper Neighborhoods
T Nikolaou"Manghas" from Psirri Square
Stelios PerpiniadesHeroin and Hashish
Giorgos MpatisCamel-Driving Song
Kostas NourosManolis the Hashish-Smoker
Maritsa PandraThe Bag-Snatcher
RolYoung Hashish Smokers
Charalambos PetropoulisThe Smuggler
Rita AbadziHashish Smoker
Giorgos KatsarosAll Alone in the World
Giorgos PapasideresOusak Nini Manes
Stratos Pagioumtzis.Baglamades
Marika PapagikaDervish
Giorgos KamvisisYannis the Hashish-Smoker
Rita AbadziYou Are a Knave
Spiros PeristerisStavrakas' Entry into the "Tekes"
Giorgos KatsarosVarka Yialo (Boat on the Beach)
Vangelis SofroniouMortissa and Alanis (Witch and Tramp)
Giorgos RovertakisThey've caught Batis

An extraordinary compilation, this one, featuring rather a lot of naughty songs about drugs, stealing and smuggling. It is up to the usual high standard of the Greek Archive series, and comes with a 36 page booklet, in Greek and English, full of information about the recordings, the artists and the Undergound characters.

The first track is a beautiful instrumental recorded in the USA around 1930. It's a very early bouzouki recording of a theme from Smyrna that is still very popular.

"Stavrakas' entry into the tekes" is another classic, with a conversation between the shadow theatre characters Stavrakas and Nondas, who go to the teke for some hashish. The coughing on this track should act as an awful warning, smoking is not big and it's not clever. The bouzouki playing here is simply wonderful.

If you take a look at the track listing for this CD on Amazon, you will see that they think the last track is called "They've caught balls". Silly!