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CD sleeve - Trichordo : The Sound Of our Soul

The Sound Of our Soul



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Kokkinia 1955
Dawn's Minor
The Wind Blew
Marco Polo
Manaki Mou
Beautiful City
It's raining in the poor neighbourhood
Woman from Smyrna
Light the fire Stavro
Five Greeks in Hades
The Prison's Echo

To quote from the sleeve notes, which are in Greek and English:

The sound coming from the strings of his bouzouki was strange, expressing a deep complaint, something like the traditional laments of a special region in the northwest of Greece called Epirus. Costas Papadopoulos, a three- string bouzouki virtuoso, posessing all the secrets of his art, a unique bouzouki player, improvises a lot. He keeps playing, creating and connecting sounds. All of a sudden his solo improvisation that starts from a very old traditional Greek song like "Gianni Mou To Mantili Sou" leads up to more modern creations like "Zeimbekiko Of Evdokia" (zeimbekiko: traditional folk dance for men), a magic musical inspiration of Manos Loizos. As soon as he completes his piece of music, he rests his bouzouki on the chair and says: "These are the tremendous abilities, the unexplored paths of our musical tradition. This is our cultural treasure emerging from the improvisations of bouzouki. This is what all of us, all the four bouzouki players plus three more musicians are trying to do: Show what the bouzouki can tell us."

These virtuosos play a selection of songs from rembetika to more contemporary creations by very famous composers. This is a very important work. These bouzouki players have worked on the greatest moments of our folk music and developed them. The program of this new band is based on the idea and practice of improvisation. It is a free musical collaboration where virtuosity Is the only requirement.

Some beautiful trichordo playing on this one, and not too much singing. Mostly these are live recordings. Kokkinia and Evdokia are played more subtly than usual, and benefit from it. Even Zorba is good when this band plays it!