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CD sleeve - Viva Zambetas

Viva Zambetas

G Zampetas and S Zafeiriou

General Publishing Company, Thessaloniki


Nihtose horis feggari
Ime aitos horis ftera
Hasapiko me baglama
Kto sta lemonadika
Baxe tsifliki
Kathe limani ke kaimos
Svise to fos na kimithoume
Pame mia volta sto feggari
Minore tis avgis
Pai pai
Na zi kanis i na mi zi
Ta dilina
Den tha horisoume pote
Ta louloudia
Mia nihta olakeri
Siko horepse sirtaki
Ta pallikaria

Interesting. I bought this because a lot of people on the Skeezo Forum were very keen on it, but they were not saying much about what it actually was. They were very keen on the playing, though.

I found I had heard a lot of these tracks before. They are all instrumentals and quite often when I had heard them, I had thought "Yes, that's how that should be played." Very clean, clear bouzouki playing, with very few extra notes put in. I'm not sure what the bass in the background is played on, but it's not intrusive.

Essential reference material, and should be very useful to learners, if used with software to slow down the music.