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CDs I ought to warn you about

CD sleeve Hava Narghile

Hava Narghile

Various artists

Dionysus Records


This is an exciting CD of "Middle Eastern Raga Rock ala Turque". It contains 21 tracks released between 1966 and 1975, which are described in the liner notes like this...

"Sizzling raga rock guitar mingles with the exotic sounds of the saz (a distant relative of the sitar). Hear the intense duelling of electric saz and killer fuzz guitar, backed by a bellydance-beat provided by a darbuka. So light up your hubble-bubble pipe (narghile) for a journey to what was once the uncrowned psych music capital of the world-- take a trip to Istanbul (not Constantinople).

I know, it sounds as if it could be awful. But there are some amazing things on it. Try track nine, "Flower of Love" by Baris Manco and Kaygisizlar. I really like this... but I'm warning you against it just because, well, once you start getting into things like this, everyone is going to think you are some sort of weird hippy...

CD sleeve Spaced Out

Spaced Out

Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner

MCA Records / Universal

MCLD 19361

Once an actor is famous enough, and has enough money to hire a recording studio, and do whatever he wants in it, beware! I bought this so you don't have to. Leonard Nimoy, whose acting I have often enjoyed, sings "If I had a Hammer". It is not as bad as William Shatner's version of "Mr Tambourine Man". Don't play this at home, kids!