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CD sleeve - Dinner in Polidroso

Dinner in Polidroso

Rembetika Hipsters

Socrates Pizza Records

SPR 002

Once again, I have avoided the effort of typing in a track list, and mercilessly stolen the following from the band's own website. I might not have done this, had I not enjoyed their text and the music so much...

  1. Melina's Bath pt. 1 It begins with stretching..limbering up in 9/8 time, as the bath is drawn..
  2. My Serpentine Road The tragedy of a broken bouzouki and a stolen baglama may be enough to turn anyone's back on society, but life is a mystery and its pathways may be straight or serpentine. Our task then is to observe, to listen, and who knows... you may encounter sheep on your path.
  3. Yiati Thes Na M'Afisis A belly dance song in 4/4 referred to as a tsifteteli. Often danced to by Greeks when carnal pleasures are in the ascendant. It's simple: "I want you..look at me..want me..let's do the tsifteteli."
  4. Mersini On the Island of Crete, between Agios Nikolaos & Sitia, there is a village called Mersini. The sign says "The Best Village in Greece" and perhaps it is. They welcomed me there as if I were family, and inspired me to create this rhythmically diverse little tune. - Ben Johnson
  5. Oso Varoun Ta Sidera (As Heavy As Iron) This is an old folk song from the island of Crete, mourning the loss of a loved one.
  6. Khalmea Taqsim (Improvisation) A Muezzin from the Tower of Darkness cries...
  7. Pente Hronia Dikasmenos (Five Years in the Slammer) Gentikoule was a notorious prison in Northern Greece near Thessaloniki, during the first half of the 20th century. To relieve the stress of incarceration, the composer turns to smoking the hookah pipe and upon his release, his thoughts are to get right down to business and have another drag.
  8. Dinner in Polidroso An aged Byzantine exile ponders the roads of life and the fate which has brought him to this place, this plate of moussaka. Polidroso is a village in Epirus (Northwestern Greece), East of Corfu. It is the ancestral home of la famille Diochnos.
  9. Evil Eye Written in the tradition of a kalamatiano in 7/8 time; the lyrics were inspired by the book "Ariadne's Dream" by the Greek-Canadian author Tess Fragoulis.
  10. Oli Rembetes Tou Dounia (All the Rembetes in the World) A song essentially about knowing who you are, and who your friends are, and being comfortable within your tribe. The cool seek out the cool.
  11. Melina's Bath pts. 2&3 What began as an exercise in 9/8, developed into a two part act of our fictitious heroine, disrobing... cleansing herself... followed by an inquiry... the bouzouki player wonders if he could drink her bath water.

No beating about the bush, I really like this band's music. You can order this CD from their web site after listening to the samples, if you like it too. They are good enough to have a track on the Rebetiko Diaspora CD and this CD is even better than their first, which I also love. They took Markos Vamvakaris's "Oli Rembetes Stou Dounia" and made something marvellous from it. I'm going to call this another must have CD.