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Greek-Oriental Rebetika

Greek-Oriental Rebetika

Songs and Dances in the Asia Minor Style

The Golden Years: 1911 - 1937

Various artists

Arhoolie Folklyric


Marika Papagika Zmirneikos Balos (No hope but you)
Yorghos Papaidheris Gazeli Mustaar (Burned again)
Dimitrios Semsis Aidhiniko (Instrumental)
Stratos Pagioumtzis Sabah Manes (Open the graves)
Rita Abadzi Ta hanumakya (Hashish Harem)
Andonis Dalgas Susta Politiki (Constantinople, my dream and my torment)
Andonis Dalgas Mangiko (Lowdown doll)
Marika Kanaropoulu Neva Hedzaz (Like a dry and drifting leaf)
Roza Eskenazi Yiati fumaro kokaini (Why I smoke cocaine)
Roza Eskenazi Usak Tsifte-teli Manes (I'm not to blame)
Dimitrios Semsis Tsifte-Teli (Instrumental)
Marika Papagika Aidhinikos Horos (The magic fountain of your eyes)
Rita Abadzi Gazeli Neva Sabah (The hour of death)
Roza Eskenazi Trava Re (Manga Ke) Alani (Hipster hit the road!)
Haralambos Panayis Hedzaz Neva Manes (No life is left for me)
Andonis Dalgas Tis Ksenityas O Ponos (The Exile's Grief)
Yanis Oghdhondakis Bournovalio Sirto (Instrumental)
Yorghos Papasidheris Gyuzel Sabah Manes (Tell me, Charon)
Rita Abadzi Ise Pondos (You're Slick)
Yangos Psamatyalis Zmirneikomanes (Bordello Blues)
Yangos Psamatyalis Hyotikos Manes (If I were the hem of your skirt)

This one came out in 1991, and is yet another CD I would not wish to be without. As the title tells you, it is very much in the Asia Minor style, with more female singers, and very little bouzouki, if any. There is a lot of violin, accordion, klarino, oud and some outstanding kanonaki. There is Amanadhes singing in abundance too.

The CD comes with a 24 page booklet packed with information, there are detailed notes about all the tracks, photographs, lyric translations and more. Buy it if you can!