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The Greek Archives 630 - Vol 4 - Memory of Smyrna

The Greek Archives 630 - Vol 4 - Memory of Smyrna

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The Greek Archives 630

Michalis Mangos Memory of Smyrna
Kostas Nouros Smyrna Song in Minor
Giorgos Vidalis What do you care?
Giorgos Vidalis Manghiko
Giorgos Tsanakas Good night "Manes"
Kostas Karipis I'm going to smash glasses
Elliniki Estoudiantina I don't want you any more
Markos Melkon The Little Refugee
Giorgos Nodeou A "Manes" from Bournovas
Georgia Mitaki Smyrna and its surroundings
Kostas Roukounas Tzivaeri "Manes"
Kostas Nouros The Smyrna Girl's Eyes
Elliniki Estoudiantina Bournovalia (Girl of Bournovas)
Marika Papagika Vraila
Giorgos Tsanakas "Manes" from Tabahana
Marika Papagika A "Manes" from Bournovas
Elliniki Estoudiantina Elenaki (Little Eleni)
Marika Papagika A "Ballos" (dance) from Smyrna
Giorgos Paschalis Girl from Smyrna
Marika Papagika A "Manes" in minor
Giorgos Katsaros Elli
Giorgos Vidalis Little Refugee Girl

Volume four in the Greek Archives series, comes with the usual 36 page booklet, of which the last six pages are in English. There are no translations of the lyrics with this one, just Greek. The English notes are quite good at identifying the dromos of the pieces, and the instrumentation. The orchestras mostly consist of violin, outi, santouri, guitar and percussion, but also have rarities such as the cimbalon, which is a large hammered dulcimer with a rather haunting, echoing sound. The "Manes" in the track list are amanedhes.

The town of Smyrna burning.