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Mourmourika - Songs of the Greek Underworld 1930-1955

Mourmourika - Songs of the Greek Underworld 1930-1955

Various artists

Rounder Records

CD 1120

Ioannis (Jack) Halikias Mourmouriko - Zeimbekiko
A Kostis In the basement
Spachanis The Mangas' Song
Yeorgos Kamvisis Prisoner's Blues
Z Kasimatis The Dude from Votanikos
Stellakis Perpiniadhis The Con Artist
Kostas Roukounas, Samiotakis The Dervish's Broad
Stellakis Perpiniadhis Marjorie, on the sly
V Mesolongitis The Junkie
Yeorgos Katsaros They sent us into exile
Tasos Eleftheriadhis The Mourmouris
Ioannis (Jack) Halikias Hash-den instrumental
K Kostis The jail's a fine school
Konstantinos Dhoussas Manolis the hash-smoker
Z Kasimatis The Ruffians
Stellakis Perpiniadhis The dark-eyed flirt
Marika Kanaropoulou, Tourkalista A mangas at the teke
Kostas Roukounas The pick-pockets
F Zouridhakis Dance from Syros
Harilaos Kritikos The gambler
N Pourpourakis The Sultan

I would call this a "must have" for any Rebetiko fan. It comes with a 24 page booklet, containing an introduction, photographs, a glossary of slang terms, and for each song you get full details of the performers, the instruments they played, where and when it was recorded, and the lyrics in Greek and English. It even has biographical notes about the performers. It would be wonderful if all record companies went to this much effort.

This CD contains one of my favourite tracks, by A Kostis, called Stin Ipoga, "In the Basement". This track is actually played on guitars. One of the guitarists was leader for several years of the Aspra Poulia (White Birds) Hawaian Orchestra. Many of the songs on this CD are about hashish smoking, prisons and crime.