Rebetiko > Recordings > The Rebetiko Song in America Vol 1 1920 - 1940

The Rebetiko Song in America Vol 1 1920 - 1940

The Rebetiko Song in America Vol 1 1920 - 1940

Various artists

F M Records

The Greek Archives 627

Ierotheos Schizas Just Look at Me
Rosa Eskenazy Don't Swear to It, You Liar
Yannis Dragatsis (Ogdontakis), Ant. Patratzis, K Skarvelas Kasambaliotiko Zeibekiko
Dimitris Arapakis The Memetis
Marika Papagika In the Syngrou Jail
Rosa Eskenazy Kadifis
Ierotheos Schizas' Mandolin Orchestra Vlachiko Hassapiko
Marika Papagika Koumbouras from Vathi Square
Rosa Eskenazy Woman from Patra
Antonis Dalgas, Iakovos Montanaris The Evil Mother-In-Law
Nondas Sgouras The Gambler
Rita Abadzi Meraki
Marika Papagika Woman from Smyrna
Rosa Eskenazy They Walk Around Without Any Socks On
Rita Abadzi With Zournas and Daoulis
Stavros Kaloumenos The Sinner

The first recordings of Rebetiko were made in America, and they were so popular in Greece that record making factories were soon built in Greece. This CD has some amazing early treasures on it, including some unusual instrumentation. Even today, the taximia on the cymbalon at the start of "The Memetis" sounds intriguingly "spacey, man". There's lots of oriental style on here, and no noticable bouzouki tracks at all. It includes "The Evil Mother-in-Law", a song about a rather nasty murder, which sold about 90,000 copies, in the days when that was a lot of records.

"The Greek Archives" is an enormous series of CDs, and quite confusingly numbered. This is Volume 1, but there are others also referred to as Volume 1 in different groups of the series. Don't worry too much about buying the wrong ones by mistake, as these are all good!