Rebetiko > Recordings > The Rebetiko Song in America Vol 2 1945 - 1960

The Rebetiko Song in America Vol 2 1945 - 1960

The Rebetiko Song in America Vol 2 1945 - 1960

Various artists

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The Greek Archives 628

G Xenopoulos Your eyes, your cheeks>
Virginia Mangidou Gypsy girl, tell me my fortune
Angeliki Karayanni, Marika Georgia, A Zervas Katsivella
Markos Melkon Memetis
Charilaos Piperakis Doudou
M Patrinos Three zeibekika
T Eleftheriades Mourmouraki
Song from Syros
Virginia Mangidou The Governess and the Boatman
Victoria Khazan Come to me, Butcher Boy
Eleni Bartseri, George Strateos and his orchestra Yaleli
Virginia Mangidou Alexandria Fellaha
Roza Eskenazy Girls from Asia
Andreas Pongis Orchestra Boom!
Roza Eskenazy What's the World Coming To?
Angeliki Karayanni What do you care where I come from?
Charilaos Piperakis I got involved again
Virginia Mangidou What a miserable life
Roza Eskenazy In Constantinople at the Mevla Khan (Dervishes)
George Garbis Surf Hijazkar Taksim
Roza Eskenazy When you are in pain and he doesn't want you
Roza Eskenazy Tsakitzis

Another in the Greek Archive series of CDs, number 628. While the Greeks were recording the Pireotiki Kompania, with their bouzoukis, the stage instruments of Asia Minor were still popular in America for another twenty years after their decline in Greece. This Cd is made up of recordings with violins, sandouri, kanonaki and outi with female singers. Some of it was recorded in America, the rest in Constantinople. Most of the tracks are less well known, and were made by small companies who did not keep complete records of their output.

This is a worthwhile CD because of the instrumentation, and because it contains tracks by Rosa Eskenazy that do not appear on other compilations.