Rebetiko > Recordings > The Rebetiko Song in America Vol 3 1945 - 1960

The Rebetiko Song in America Vol 3 1945 - 1960

The Rebetiko Song in America Vol 3 1945 - 1960

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The Greek Archives 629

T Rigopoulos, Ioanna Makri Argent (Money)
T Kavourakis, Angelika Pallagoudi Beautiful Girl of Piraeus
Athanasios Pireotis In the Cool of the Morning
Athanasios Pireotis Mavragoritissa (Black marketeer woman)
Stavros Tzouanakos I'll be crying tonight
Eleni Bartseri We're Friends
Andreas Spaggadoros Don't Complain
Eleni Bartseri Your White Handkerchief
Theodoros Kavourakis I'll make the mountain my friend
Eleni Bartseri Hurry, Doctor!
E Tsaggaris, A Athanasiou My 'Pasha' is in High Spirits
Stavros Tzouanakos Taksim' solo (bouzouki)
E Tsanggaris Come with me, doll
Ioanna Georgakopoulou The Extinguished Street Lamp
Victoria Mitros, A Pongis Down in Pasha Limani
M Patrinos, G Degaitis Hadzimilousiko
M Patrinos Marigoula-Madalena
Virginia Mangidou Little American Flirt
Angeliki Karayanni Little Arab Coquette
Rosa Eskenazy Virginia's Song

Another CD in the excellent Greek Archive series, consisting of rare recordings mostly by little known artists, Roza Esenazy being the main big name. Comes with a 36 page booklet, of which 8 are in English, the rest in Greek. The general notes are the same as in Volume 2. Each track is well documented, giving the composer (except where it is unknown), the dromos or makam it is in, who else recorded the song and more.

Unlike Volume 2, there is a fair amount of bouzouki music. Stavros Tzouanakos' bouzouki taximia is a high point for bouzouki fans. I'm told there are also mandolins and laoutos on this one.