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Songs A

This section of "Xasiklidika Rembetika" has been spread out over several pages, to make it easier to handle. The translation pages are currently being converted to UTF-8, after which I hope to get back into the swing of translating the songs.

Dave Murray has MP3 files of the songs on his site, and there are links to the individual songs in the table below.

Song Song Translation Dave's MP3
A1 Argile Mou, Yiati Sfineis Argile Mou, Yiati Sfineis
A2 Argiles Argiles
A3 Yedi Kule Yedi Kule
A4 Giafto Foumaro Kokaini Yi'auto Foumaro Kokaini
A5 Dio Manges Mes Sti Filaki Duo Magkes Mes Sti Filaki
A6 Ego Thelo Prinkipessa Ego Thelo Prigekipessa
A7 Eimai Prezakias Eimai Prezakias
A8 Enas Mangas Ston Teke Mou Enas magkes Ston Teke Mou
A9 Eiroini Kai Mavraki Iroine Kai Mavraki
A10 I Fonoi Tou Arghile I Fonoi Tou Arghile
A11 Kouventa me to Xaro Kouventa Me To Haro
A12 Kouvendes sti Filaki Kouventes Sti Filakies
A13a Manolis Hasiklis Manolis Hasiklis
A13b Manolis Hasiklis
A14 M'Arghile Kai Baglamades M'Argile Kai Baglamades
A15 Marika Hasiklou Marika Hasiklou
A16 Mas Kinigoun Ton Arghile Mas Kinigoun Ton Arghile
A17 Mastouria Ta Mastouris
A18 Mesa Stou Manthou Ton Teke Kanaropoulou-Peristeris 1934
Dalgas' version
Giorgos Katsaros 1938
Markos Mellon version
A19 Mes stou Zabikou Mes' Tou Zambikou Ton Teke
A20 Nea Meraklou Nea Meraklou (Roza)
Nea Meraklou (Rita)
A21a Nei Hasiklidikes Neoi Hasiklidikes
A21b Oi Hasiklides Oi Hasiklides
A22 Dervisena Dervisena
A23 O Lathreboros O Lathremporos
A24 O Memetis Memetis
A25 O Mourmouris O Mourmouris
A26 O Xemangas
A27 O Prezakias

I have had a lot of help with translating these songs, from such fine people as Nikos Politis, Akritas, John Ciombras, Baglamatzis, Xemangas, Jack, Mr Narghile (Dave Murray), Michael G. Kaloyanides Ph D, Azythos, Mastouras, Fabian Philippoussis and quite a few others. I thank you all! Anyone whose name I have missed out should remind me, please!